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Take this pink ribbon off my eyes

I'm exposed and it's no big surprise

accidental injuries, apologizing to doors, bad 80's rock, being excellent to everyone, being gay for marie, being lazy, black star/kid, books, bunjee jumping, capslock, colour contacts, cookies, crack, death the kid, doing the funky gibbon, excalibur the legend, extreme, eyepatches, eyeshield 21, failing, fangirling, fighting the bears, fullmetal alcoholics, gay harem mafias, ghey, glitter, gokudera hayato, green spandex, gym, harry potter, harry/draco, hetalia, hiruma owning the world, hitman reporn, hot gurls, irn-bru, jj's cloud hair, kpop, laughing at srsbsn, lazytown, lol, luna/neville, lunatops, makaxtheworld, manjoume jun, medical degree, ocd, optimism, pandora's boobs, ryohei, scotland, sex, skins, sock fetishes, souleater eating my soul, south park, speedos, squalo, squeeing, top gearists, twilight wank, writing, wut, wut in the butt, zzzzz